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Developing Sage

  • the old workflow is explained here

Project Groups

Uniformization p-adics/power series

Interested people: X. Caruso, D. Roe


  • define categories CDVR/CDVF - #14823

Polynomials over CDVR/CDVF

Interested people: X. Caruso, L. De Feo, J. Rüth, J. Sijsling, J. Tuitman, D. Roe


  • Hensel lift - #14828
  • Slope factorization - #14828
  • Complete factorization - #12561, Julian's code
  • Compute (X)GCD - #13630, #?
  • Compute ramification filtration

Matrices over (C)DVR/DVF

Interested people: J.-F. Biasse, T. Vaccon


  • Echelon forms (Hermite form, LU...)
  • Smith form, elementary divisors
  • compute inverse, kernels, images

Arbitrary extensions of Qp

Interested people: X. Caruso, J. Rüth, D. Roe


  • use templates - #12555
  • Qq using FLINT - #14304
  • Eisenstein extensions using FLINT
  • General extensions

Multiplication group of a p-adic field

Interested people: X. Caruso, A. David

  • compute structure and generators of Kx
  • work with finite index subgroups of Kx

Interface with Mathemagix

Interested people: X. Caruso, J. Berthomieu

Series over CDVR/CDVF

Interested people: D. Lubicz


  • Bounded series over discs - #14830
  • Bounded series over annulus

Counting points on curves

Interested people: J. Tuitman, C. Gonçalves


  • speed up count_points #15148
  • Implement Kedlaya's algorithm for hyperelliptic curves

Assorted bug fixing and reviews

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