There is an automatically generated list of all tickets worked on during Sage Days 51. Please add sd51 to the keyword field of every ticket you work on during Sage Days 51 so that it appears in this list.

The slides of the sage/git talk are here. For people who want to try this, you can grab a pre-built tarball: if you have access to the sage machines, copy the file /home/tkluck/sage-git.tar.gz. Quick start instructions are here: QuickStartSageGit.

Project Groups

Color codes:

  • Blue: New
  • Orange: Needs review
  • Red: Needs work
  • Green: Positive review

Finite fields

Function fields

  • People: Jens-Dietrich Bauch, Mark van Hoeij, Julian Ruth, Michiel Kosters, Jan Tuitman
  • Tickets: #12141: implement finite algebras (Michiel Kosters)

Galois representations

  • People: Maarten Derickx, Peter Bruin, Arno Kret, Bas Edixhoven, Bartosz Naskrecki, Yiwei She, Samuele Anni, Tian Peng, Mark van Hoeij, Alejandro Argaez
  • Tickets:

Semi-stable models

  • People: Stefan Wewers, Julian Rüth, Alex Ghitza, Shahed Sharif, David Loeffler
  • Tickets:

Hyperelliptic curve height reduction

Git workflow

Assorted bug fixing/reviewing

Elliptic curve isogenies

  • People: John Cremona, Samuele Anni, Jenny Cooley
  • Tickets: #13615 (two patches have been reviewed; an additional patch to fix the work issues is now ready for review)


  • People: John Cremona, Michiel Kosters, Angelos Koutsianas (and Peter Bruin for things related to #14746)
  • Tickets: #14746 (depends on #14489), #14963
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