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Hit List

Put your name and the bugs you plan to kill here.

  • Nils: #128, #7377 (Maxima/ECL interface -- lots of help needed)

Now Available

If you've tried a ticket and don't want to work on it anymore, drop it in here so other people know it's open. (The first bunch of these are leftover from SD12!)

#3517, #1773 (easy if you know symbolics), #3426, #3543, #1534

Review Hit List

Bugs slain (without review)

When you succeed in destroying a bug, move it here.


Confirmed Kills

When you review a slain bug, move it down here, and tack it onto your name under Kills Confirmed (what's the difference between this and "Assists" below?)


Put stuff you positively reviewed here.


When a bug is invalid, copy it here.