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explanations on the patchbot plugins


Check for the existence of a commit message for every commit.


Try to check that coverage did increase.

The coverage is the percent of functions that are doctested. This must be 100%.


Look for the presence of non-ascii characters in python and cython files.

This detects the presence of the encoding line at the top of files. (TO BE REMOVED)


Check that doctest continuation use the correct syntax, namely ....:


Check that some bad latex code does not appear.

This means \choose, \over, \atop, \above, \overwithdelims, \atopwithdelims, \abovewithdelims.

All these commands are obsolete in latex.


Check that new deprecations use the correct ticket number.


Look for some wrong patterns in python or rst files.

0) xrange

1) .iterkeys, .itervalues, .iteritems

2) basestring

3) __nonzero__

These are not allowed in python 3. (TO BE REMOVED)


Look for some wrong patterns in cython files.

0) import six and from six import

Never ever import anything from "six" in a Cython file.


Check that some python3 incompatible code does not appear. (TO BE REMOVED)

2) ifilter, imap, izip

3) raise statements

4) cmp (use richcmp for comparison)

6) <> (the correct syntax is !=)

7) <type '[a-z]*'>

8) next

9) __metaclass__

10) except Exception, var

11) apply

12) sagenb (the legacy notebook is deprecated)


Run pyflakes on the modified .py files.

This typically reports about unused variables or imports, that you should remove.

Sometimes it gives false-positive warnings.


Run pycodestyle on the modified .py files.

Currently, the selected options are W605, E401, E701, E702, E711, E712.

See pycodestyle documentation for more information.


Perform various checks, mainly about blocks in the documentation.

1) correct syntax is .. SEEALSO::

2) TESTS and EXAMPLES should be plural, and NOTE singular

3) no :: after INPUT and OUTPUT blocks, only a single colon

4) no :: after REFERENCE blocks, only a single colon 5) no : at the end of lines, namely the colon should not be preceded by a space 6) no Returns at the start of lines, but Return for the first line (short summary) or This returns otherwise


Look for the presence of triple colons ::: or : ::

Look for the presence of badly formatted trac roles :trac:

The correct syntax is :trac:`23456`


Try to decide if the startup time is getting worse.

This performs a statistical analysis, which is not always pertinent.


Count modules imported at startup, and compare to stored data to see if this has increased.


Build the html documentation.

This is mandatory. Any failure will prevent the ticket to be merged.


Build the pdf documentation.

This is not activated by default on the patchbot clients.


The aim of this plugin is not clear.