SageMath patchbots and their owners

Please register patchbots below, giving contact details (e.g. a Sage Trac username) for the owner of each patchbot.

This helps contact the owner when a patchbot is stuck.

patchbot name           owner
-------------           -----
andromeda               jkroeker
arando                  jdemeyer
ark                     rws
athena                  kdilks
btm2x13                 mderickx
bunion                  etn40ff (this is a laptop so it will be running sporadically)
cristal                 Bouillaguet
debian_jessie_32        tmonteil
eddy                    Vincent.Neri (LRI, Orsay, Paris-Sud)
fermat                  cremona, davidloeffler
findstat                stumpc5
geom                    dimpase
groebner                jkroeker
hades                   klee
icj-laptop              chapoton
kepler                  nilesjohnson
kevin-Virtualbox        kdilks
mangouste               vdelecroix
manifold                egourgoulhon
martin-Laptop           mantepse
mercury                 kdilks
panke                   gh-kliem
pascaline               slelievre
pbua                    novoselt
pc72-math               dkrenn (and behackl and cheuberg)
pell                    galipnik
petitbonum              chapoton
poseidon                kdilks
quasar                  vdelecroix
rk02-math               cheuberg (and dkrenn)
sage4                   jdemeyer
sardonis                jdemeyer
silence                 ncohen
steenrod                ​jhpalmieri
tmonteil-*              tmonteil (various arch/OS/releases; contact me to run a 32-bit patchbot on a particular ticket)
ubuntu_vivid_64         tmonteil
vogon.jeltz(32Bit)      jkroeker
x200t-ThinkPad-*        jkroeker
zorn                    agd
44e979ad077a            embray (docker installation)

Instructions for running a patchbot are on the patchbot page of this wiki.

When running a patchbot, its name is defined by the HOSTNAME environment variable. To check what name your patchbot will have, run echo $HOSTNAME in a terminal. To set the name to something_else, run HOSTNAME=something_else before launching it.

Patchbot owners are encouraged to associate their real name to their Sage Trac username in the list of Sage developers present on the main page of the Sage Trac server. That list is a good place to add a link to their homepage which ideally will contain some way to contact them (e.g. email address) should the need arise.

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