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Ticket Modified Component Status Summary
#8784 79 minutes ago misc needs_review remove quit_sage() command from top level
#33027 80 minutes ago interfaces needs_review zombie maxima process - if invoked from a script
#33157 3 hours ago symbolics positive_review Use `parent` function, not method, to convert SR to RBF or CBF
#33231 5 hours ago packages: optional new [Errno 86] Bad CPU type in executable: 'convert'
#33219 5 hours ago packages: optional positive_review defining back ffmpeg as an external feature (which are not doctested by default)
#33228 5 hours ago elliptic curves new move elliptic-curve point addition from EllipticCurvePoint_field to EllipticCurvePoint
#32505 6 hours ago algebra needs_review Finitely presented graded modules over graded connected algebras
#33222 6 hours ago distribution new GH Actions: Create daily integration branch
#33230 7 hours ago build new Random test failure in sage.rings.integer
#31529 9 hours ago packages: optional needs_info texlive: Add spkg-configure.m4 and system package information; remove install script
#33221 9 hours ago manifolds needs_review Add example of projective space to manifold catalog
#33123 9 hours ago geometry positive_review Move construction methods to Polyhedron_base5
#25536 12 hours ago doctest coverage new meta-ticket: failing internet/optional doctests
#33229 14 hours ago coding theory new Reed Mueller code crashing
#33218 15 hours ago basic arithmetic needs_review speed up poly.valuation(other_poly)
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SageNB activity (more)

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Ticket Modified Component Status Summary
#30854 13 days ago notebook needs_info the view command silently does nothing in Jupyter notebooks
#27752 2 weeks ago notebook new Jupyter textual interact input does not wait to be evaluated
#32942 4 weeks ago notebook needs_review Introduce `display_latex` option that allows latex displays aligned left
#11362 5 weeks ago notebook needs_review Enhance OutputHtml rich output for better pdf rendering of Jupyter notebook
#28257 5 weeks ago notebook new MathJax causing unusual hanging in large notebooks
#29888 5 weeks ago notebook new automatic_names in Jupyter
#29889 5 weeks ago notebook new Metaticket for any Jupyter improvements for things that were in sagenb
#30120 5 weeks ago notebook new Sage's jupyter doesn't "talk" to a systemwide IRkernel R package
#24904 6 weeks ago notebook new Make jupyterlab a standard package, replace notebook by nbclassic
#30399 6 weeks ago notebook new Meta-ticket: Transition to JupyterLab
#27032 18 months ago notebook new Notebook will not start in Windows 10 (Chinese language)
#26101 20 months ago notebook new Inline `view` in the Jupyter notebook
#9048 20 months ago notebook new inconsistencies between the terminal version and the notebook
#22663 3 years ago notebook new Support @interact(layout) in Jupyter
#27905 3 years ago notebook new Bug in showing the substitution of a variable with a custom "latex_name" in a multivariate polynomial
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