Distribution and packaging of SageMath

Here are some links and information about distributing Sage.

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Source and pre-compiled binaries

The release manager releases the source for each development release and each public release.



Docker images

Official SageMath Docker images

Computational topology Sage Docker image

CoCalc Docker images

Official CoCalc Docker image:

Other CoCalc Docker images might ship SageMath too:

Live USB

Sage Debian Live

AIMS Desktop

Clef agreg

Package managers

This section is about SageMath packages in package managers, which can be related to particular Linux distributions, or macOS-specific (like Homebrew), or distribution-agnostic, or even OS-agnostic.


Conda / Anaconda / Miniconda / Conda Forge


Fedora package

Gentoo: Sage-on-Gentoo


SageMath can now be installed on macOS via Homebrew by running

brew cask install sage

This fetches the dmg for the app, and installs the app from that dmg. See this post on sage-devel.


  • Nix package manager:
  • Sage package:
  • Distribution-agnostic, functional, declarative package managing.
  • Should always have 0 doctest failures. To achieve that, some dependency versions are pinned. That is not an issue because Nix allows multiple versions of a package to be installed at the same time. However the goal is to minimize the amount of pinned dependencies.
  • Should work on most Linux distributions. More precisely any Linux distro where the Nix package manager is available, e.g. ArchLinux, Debian, others -- definitely works on NixOS.
  • Tested on x86 Linux. Probably works on ARM but that is as of yet untested.
  • Could run on Darwin, but currently doesn't since some dependencies don't have Darwin-specific patches. If you're a Darwin user, help with that would be very much appreciated. This is work in progress.
  • Might even work with the "Windows Subsystem for Linux", but probably needs some patches. Absolutely untested.
  • Allows user-installs, given that the nix package manager is already installed.
  • To install: nix-env -iA nixpkgs.sage or on NixOS just add sage to your environment.systemPackages
  • Betas are usually packaged in a PR until the release is final.
  • Currently (2018-07-26) maintained by timokau. Any help is appreciated. If you are interested (even if you don't know anything about nix yet), | pinging @timokau and I'll help you get started.

RPM package (Fedora, Mandriva)



Please edit this wiki or email slelievre if you know about other package managers providing SageMath... See wikipedia's list of package managers.


SageMath installer for Windows

Porting to Cygwin

Windows subsystem for Linux

  • Under Windows 10, one can run the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" to "run Linux under Windows", and install SageMath binaries for Linux.


Porting to exotic architectures





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