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Updated intro to this page with more information about the current state of 32-bit Cygwin support.


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    11= Information for the port to Cygwin =
     3This page is for tracking working specifically on the 32-bit version of Cygwin.  This work is currently in stasis for a few reasons:
     5* The number of users with 32-bit versions of Windows is declining.  While we have encountered students with older laptops running 32-bit versions of Windows 7, and would like to be able to support them, chances are in a few years that number will be almost zero, as 32-bit Windows 8 and up is almost unheard of (though also probably not non-existent).
     7* Supporting Sage on 32-bit !Cygwin/Windows has greater technical challenges than the 64-bit version.  In particular, the more constrained address space for user-mode processes on 32-bit Windows (2GB by default--3GB with a special boot parameter) can be very limiting.  See in particular issue #22186.
     9* Current development of Cygwin is focused primarily on the 64-bit version.  While the 32-bit version of Cygwin is still supported, it is not supported ''as well'' and most new development targets the 64-bit version.
     11For the full list of open issues specific to 32-bit Cygwin see the [ cygwin32 keyword].
     13'''All active work on Cygwin support''' is on the 64-bit version which is tracked at [wiki:Cygwin64Port].
     17= Archived information for the Cygwin port =
    219As of Sage 5.9.beta4, Sage should build "out of the box" with a Cygwin that has the same prereqs as any other Sage, with the very minor caveats below, and start.  See #6743 or below for more details. The only exception is that rebase and forking problems continue (see below and #14031).  The ''only'' special prerequisites are
    320 * That the gcc versions must match, if you install gcc4-core, gcc4-gfortran, and gcc4-g++ (with just gcc4-core, Sage's gcc 4.7.x gets built)
    825**All further testing/progress will be posted on that page!!
    10 = Archived information for the Cygwin port =
    1127 * Below are the list of prerequisites, bug fixes/upgrades needed for Cygwin to build, and doctest tickets for Cygwin
    1228 * We try to keep these notes current, but some may be dependent on Sage version (5.2, 5.5, etc.). See bottom of this page for recent build attempts.