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    11= Information for the port to Cygwin =
    22 * Below are the list of prerequisites, bug fixes/upgrades needed for Cygwin to build, and doctest tickets for Cygwin
    3  * This is as of Sage 5.2. See bottom of this page for more information with Sage 5.4 and 5.5.
     3 * We try to keep these notes current, but some may be dependent on Sage version (5.2, 5.5, etc.). See bottom of this page for recent build attempts.
    44 * Closed tickets and some other information, like how to mark Cygwin-specific parts in C, is here as well
    55 * Although below it compares Windows 7 and Windows XP, it is conceivable that the Cygwin version also sometimes has something to do with the problems listed
    315315 * For some reason this fails at GAP with an error about GMP not being where it should be.  Rebasing did not help.  This makes no sense since the same computer did fine with the same spkg above, and it fails whether or not I set `SAGE_CHECK`.  Touching for now.
    316316 * In iml, the test suite only, I get `ld returned 1 exit status`, because it could not find `-lcblas` and `-latlas`.  So not relevant to building, but fails with `SAGE_CHECK=yes`.
     317 * Had to rebase for polybori; after rebase, still failed.