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    356356* About libpng, I'm a little confused by the copying and removing at the end of spkg-install, this looks very very fishy, I'll remove it for now. See #11696.
    357357* gd seems to have trouble detecting libpng now and is missing symbols/functions and gdmodule fails because of that. Indeed the libpng import library is almost empty (and so broken) whence the hack of #9146. See, this is fixed in libpng 1.5. The SYMBOL_PREFIX hack there seems to work (and less hackish than our previous one). But prefer solution although is to properly reenable dllexport as was done for 1.5.
    358 * ecl fails to build with Sage's GCC 4.6.3, same error as, see
     358* ecl fails to build with Sage's GCC 4.6.3, same error as, see It is ok with Cygwin earlier GCC or Sage's GCC 4.7.2 (although you'd better craft a stripped down spkg from the all including one in optional which ships all the GCC suite including gcj and gobjc and go and which depends on zip or jar (not installed by default)).
    359359* The libncurses-devel Cygwin package is indeed needed by Singular (but I don't think its Windows 7 specific).