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    168168 * in modules_list.pyx, farey_symbol.pyx should include gmpxx AND gmp; but that's not enough yet: undefined reference to convert_to_long and things defined in farey_symbol.pyx, to solve this second problem, one can add a extra_compiler_flags="-Wl,--enable-auto-import" to the farey stuff in module_list. A better way could be to let Cytohn add _declspec(dll[im|exp]port) things in farey_symbol.h
    169169 * complex_double linking fails because of -lmc not found -> indeed, this was not built (don't know what it should be), solution: remove it from module_list
    170  * expression.pyx fails, seems related to
     170 * expression.pyx fails, seems related to Somehow g++ does not realize that the infinity class used in the templates is the one from pynac. Maybe some name clash with Python/Cython/Sage things in sage.rings.infinity[.infinity]. So letting g++ know that infinity is GiNaC::infinity should do the trick (I did that by modifying the cpp file produced by Cython which was hackish but quick)
     171 * undefined references in stl_vectors solved by adding the correct library dependencies in modules_list
     172 * undefined references in wrapper_rdf because of a functions defined in interp_rdf and seemingly correctly shown by nm in both files. Changing the order of the files in the linking command, and adding -no-undefined flag, did not solve the problem yet.