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Everything is now 100% doctested.

Splitting of the review of the categories

Franco Saliola:

semigroups                       (positive review)
examples/semigroups              (positive review)
examples/semigroups_cythonx      (100% doctest)
monoids                          (positive review)
examples/monoids                 (positive review)
examples/finite_semigroups       (positive review)
finite_semigroups                (positive review)
finite_monoids                   (100% doctest)
examples/finite_monoids          (100% doctest)

commutative_additive_semigroups          (100% doctest)
examples/commutative_additive_semigroups (100% doctest)
commutative_additive_monoids             (100% doctest)
examples/commutative_additive_monoids    (100% doctest)
commutative_additive_groups              (100% doctest)

Nicolas (code by Florent)

examples/sets_cat                 (positive review)

enumerated_sets                   (positive review)
finite_enumerated_sets            (positive review)
examples/finite_enumerated_sets   (positive review)
infinite_enumerated_sets          (positive review)
examples/infinite_enumerated_sets (positive review)

Jason Bandlow:

modules_with_basis                (100% doctest)


sets_cat                                    (100% doctest)
algebras                                    (100% doctest)
algebras_with_basis                         (100% doctest)
examples/algebras_with_basis                (100% doctest)

hopf_algebras                               (100% doctest)
hopf_algebras_with_basis                    (100% doctest)

coalgebras                                  (positive review)
coalgebras_with_basis                       (positive review)

bialgebras                                  (positive review -- Essentially empty)
bialgebras_with_basis                       (positive review -- Essentially empty)

finite_dimensional_algebras_with_basis      (positive review)
finite_dimensional_bialgebras_with_basis    (positive review -- Essentially empty)
finite_dimensional_coalgebras_with_basis    (positive review -- Essentially empty)
finite_dimensional_hopf_algebras_with_basis (positive review -- Essentially empty)
finite_dimensional_modules_with_basis       (positive review -- Essentially empty)

graded_algebras                             (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_algebras_with_basis                  (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_bialgebras                           (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_bialgebras_with_basis                (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_coalgebras                           (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_coalgebras_with_basis                (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_hopf_algebras                        (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_hopf_algebras_with_basis             (100% doctest)
graded_modules                              (positive review -- Essentially empty)
graded_modules_with_basis                   (positive review -- Essentially empty)

Florent: The two following aims to define operad over some ring. I marked them to be discussed since they 
are essentially empty and that if we want to have operads say in the category of sets then we will 
run into trouble with the naming convention... The proper setting would maybe to define operads 
as functorial constructions like tensor product...

Nicolas: Ok. Those were just the straightforward translations of the corresponding categories in MuPAD-Combinat, but indeed the new framework may allow for a better design. I'll split them out in a separate patch, and we will see in the future what we will do with them when we will have concrete examples. 

operads                       (100% doctest)     (Nicolas: postponed for later)
operads_with_basis            (100% doctest)     (Florent: postponed for later)

group_algebras                (100% doctest)     (Florent: Positive review -- Essentially empty)

David Kohel, or whoever wants to take some of those.

Note: there are lots of them, but they are all essentially empty and already 100% doctested, so the review should be super quick.

all                            (100% doctest)
basic                          (100% doctest)

algebra_ideals                 (100% doctest)
algebra_modules                (100% doctest)
bimodules                      (100% doctest)
commutative_algebra_ideals     (100% doctest)
commutative_algebras           (100% doctest)
commutative_ring_ideals        (100% doctest)
commutative_rings              (100% doctest)
division_rings                 (100% doctest)
entire_rings                   (100% doctest)
euclidean_domains              (100% doctest)
fields                         (100% doctest)
finite_fields                  (100% doctest)
g_sets                         (100% doctest)
gcd_domains                    (100% doctest)
groupoid                       (100% doctest)
hecke_modules                  (100% doctest)
integral_domains               (100% doctest)
left_modules                   (100% doctest)
matrix_algebras                (100% doctest)
modular_abelian_varieties      (100% doctest)
modules                        (100% doctest)
monoid_algebras                (100% doctest)
number_fields                  (100% doctest)
objects                        (100% doctest)
ordered_monoids                (100% doctest)
ordered_sets                   (100% doctest)
pointed_sets                   (100% doctest)
principal_ideal_domains        (100% doctest)
quotient_fields                (100% doctest)
right_modules                  (100% doctest)
ring_ideals                    (100% doctest)
rings                          (100% doctest)
rngs                           (100% doctest)
schemes                        (100% doctest)
sets_with_partial_maps         (100% doctest)
unique_factorization_domains   (100% doctest)
vector_space                   (100% doctest)