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09/16/10 19:14:24 (12 years ago)

Sorry, but this will certainly break on Cygwin!

Just have a look at the Makefile for the "g0nntl" library (in the eclib spkg, see the file /src/g0n/Makefile, line 41):

NTLLFLAGS = -L$(NTLLIBDIR) -lntl -lgmp -lpari

This means that the g0nntl library has the pari library as a dependency. And on Cywgin (Windows in general), not only the "primary" libraries have to be declared as dependencies during compile time (i.e. for building e.g. an extension module) --- but *all* libraries, i.e. also the "secondary", "tertiary", and so on ... (one may consider this a bug, a deficiency, a nuisance, whatever --- we have to live with it)

I've changed the title of the ticket somewhat, to reflect this, and added a line to the description.

If this ticket is meant to fix some OS X specific issue (see the main ticket at trac #9896), I'd propose to use the "uname_specific" feature in such a way, that the change to the affects Darwin --- and only Darwin.

Ensuring that the change is visible on only as few system as possible, as few systems as possible are affected of a possible breakage by such a change.


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    initial v4  
    11Many extension modules in {{{devel/sage/}}} are linked against libraries they do not use, some at least not directly.
    3 This is inefficient, isn't nice or at least confusing and can (actually does) cause trouble. 
     3This is inefficient, isn't nice or at least confusing and can (actually does) cause trouble.
    55See e.g. [ this comment] for a discussion why.
    77This ticket will only address the removal of ''some'' unnecessary libraries listed; there are most probably more.
     9ADDED LATER: See however the later remarks about that claim of ''being unnecessary'' ...