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Sep 29, 2010, 6:29:40 PM (12 years ago)
Stefan Reiterer

Replying to leif:

Dave pointed me to this ticket the day before yesterday (and I read it from the beginning). ;-)

Despite that, it's unclear to me which diffs are currrent, and the description should IMHO be updated wrt. what's to be done to review this.

./sage -ba is also in my opinion not a solution to get dependent extension modules updated, i.e. if ./sage -b isn't sufficient, dependencies should be added to

I cleaned up the discription a little bit, and deleted the obsolete remark about networkx-1.2

I don't know if this is a good Idea because this is a whole bunch of files we are talking about, which have to be added. Perhaps you won't save much time either when compiling. I first tried this too, but after about 2 hours searching, I got somehow tired of this... And after merging numpy > 1.3.x into Sage this has not to be done anymore. All versions of 1.5.x builded without problems, and didn't need -ba anymore. You only have to do this when big changes are happening, and this is rather occassionally.

package with a linux ppc patch is out: hope it works this time!


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    1 Since I really, really need them for my work, I will try to manage it to upgrade the scipy and numpy packages to the latest versions
    31The packages can be found found under:
    1411Important notes:
    1512after installing numpy, one needs to execute sage -ba, or else one get's runtime warnings.
    17 You also need networkx-1.2. (the other networkx is just a small hack for testing, because 1.2. didn't build correctly on my old sage versions, but this is obsolete now, since networkx-1.2 is merged into sage 4.5.3.alpha1)
    1914trac_9808_numpy_doctest_change.patch in the attachment has to be applied, in order to get all doctests running because some of the output has changed.