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10/15/10 23:31:17 (12 years ago)

@kcrisman thanks for paying attention. I added now an updated patch and extended instructions.

the doctest changes in are easy to explain: new functions are involved -> new random expressions. But I had to change random_expr(50, nvars=3, coeff_generator=CDF.random_element) to random_expr(60, nvars=3, coeff_generator=CDF.random_element) or else one gets an expression generated where a division through zero occours.

As mentioned on sage-devel I repaired the doctests in symbolic.pynac.pyx, the trick is to enlarge the range of the for loop: for i in range(get_ginac_serial(), get_ginac_serial()+50): changed to for i in range(get_ginac_serial(), get_ginac_serial()+100): now it works. My explaination: since we have new functions we have longer to search, and then we reach our goal. What I can not explain is, that it works, when I type it in by hand.

All doctests pass now, so I think a review would be nice.



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    initial v28  
    11The current implementation of orthogonal polynomials is just a wrapper around maxima. (see
    2 There are the following improvements planed:
     2This update holds the following changes:
    4 -using of the pynac class for symbolic functions.
    5 -faster evaluation in general
    6 -evaluation of special values
    7 -mpmath for numeric evaluation
     4  *using of the pynac class for symbolic functions.
     5  *faster evaluation in general
     6  *evaluation of special values
     7  *mpmath for numeric evaluation
     10   *The current patch needs scipy-0.8. One has to install it before testing (see #9808 for spkg's and installation instructions)
     11   * Some of the old doctests in the old file don't work any more, due to coercion problems with pynac (see #9769)
     12   * Some doctests in Sage change, due to the fact that new BuiltIn functions are added. had output changes since the random expression creation changed of course. The tests in pynac.pyx also changed, but this has a strange behavior (see below).