Changes between Version 33 and Version 36 of Ticket #9603

08/29/10 16:17:25 (12 years ago)

I'm now marking this as needs review.

I've changed the priority from minor to major, as this resolves a problem (#9718) on 64-bit Solaris, and there is a concerted effort to now get Sage to build on 64-bit Solaris and OpenSolaris. Prior to this, the ticket was originally to build iconv on HP-UX, which was a minor issue.


  • Ticket #9603

    • Property Status changed from needs_info to needs_review
    • Property Priority changed from minor to major
    • Property Summary changed from Speed up installation of iconv by permitting parallel builds. Also install iconv on HP-UX to Build iconv in parallel, install it on HP-UX and make it work properly on Solaris 64-bit.
  • Ticket #9603 – Description

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    1 Currently iconv builds only on Solaris and Cygwin, as it caused problems on some linux distributions.
     1This patch, which started out with the sole intension of building iconv on HP-UX, with a very trivial change, now has a number of  changes to generally improve the package.
    3 Currently, iconv is built serially, using {{{make}}} rather than {{{$MAKE}}}. This needs changing to permit faster builds.
     3 * Use {{{$MAKE}}} instead of {{{make}}} to permit parallel builds.
     4 * Install {{{iconv}}} on HP-UX in addition to Solaris and Cygwin.
     5 * Make this build properly 64-bit on all versions of Solaris and !OpenSolaris - prior to this, there was a problem on some systems - see #9718.
     6 * A cleanup of spkg-install, spkg-check and SPKG.txt was also undertaken.
    5 It would be good if iconv would build on HP-UX too, as then some other packages could be checked on HP-UX to aid testing on different platforms.
    7 A cleanup of spkg-install, spkg-check and SPKG.txt was also undertaken.