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08/26/10 22:25:10 (12 years ago)

I've tested this in parallel on my Sun Ultra 27 running OpenSolaris 127 times. It builds and passes all iconv's tests every time.

My machine is under a very heavy load at the minute as I'm running make ptestlong 100 times in a loop! Needless to say iconv takes a while to install. But with MAKE to to make -j12, the time to just install (not run the tests), is

real	1m59.844s
user	0m19.226s
sys	0m9.280s
Successfully installed iconv-1.13.1.p3

So the total CPU time is 28.5 seconds, and the installation time 1m59s for a parallel build with 12 threads on this 4-core, hyperthreaded machine. (1 physical PCU, 4 cores, 8 threads).

With MAKE unset, so a serial build, the installation time rose to 3m:49s

real	3m46.106s
user	0m19.233s
sys	0m9.788s
Successfully installed iconv-1.13.1.p3

The parallel build is faster by a factor of around 1.9. The actual CPU time used remained virtually unchanged. So the parallel install seems worthwhile.

I'll repeat this on t2.math for as long as my patience permits. That has a lot more cores, but is very slow overall. I doubt I'll test as extensively. I'll then ask Mike to test on Cygwin.

I've not updated the package yet. I'll do that when I'm finished more testing.

I've changed the title, so I don't get quite as much thrown at me if this goes wrong! The content of the HP-UX changes are now about 1% I think!



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  • Ticket #9603 – Description

    initial v33  
    11Currently iconv builds only on Solaris and Cygwin, as it caused problems on some linux distributions.
    3 It would be good if this would build on HP-UX too, as then some other packages could be checked on HP-UX to aid testing on different platforms. This ticket makes 3 changes.
     3Currently, iconv is built serially, using {{{make}}} rather than {{{$MAKE}}}. This needs changing to permit faster builds.
    5 * Changes {{{#!/bin/bash}}} to {{{#!/usr/bin/env bash}}} in spkg-check. This in in conformance with the [ Sage Developers Guide] and is necessary on HP-UX as 'bash' is not installed in /bin.
     5It would be good if iconv would build on HP-UX too, as then some other packages could be checked on HP-UX to aid testing on different platforms.
    7 {{{
    8 -#!/bin/bash
    9 +#!/usr/bin/env bash
    10 }}}
    12 * Force install on HP-UX, instead of just Cygwin and Solaris. The relevant bit of the patch is:
    13 {{{
    14 -# Only build iconv on Solaris and Cygwin
    15 -if [ "x$UNAME" != xSunOS ] && [ "x$UNAME" != xCYGWIN ] ; then 
    16 +# Only build iconv on Solaris, HP-UX and Cygwin
    17 +if [ "x$UNAME" != xSunOS ] && [ "x$UNAME" != xHP-UX ] && [ "x$UNAME" != xCYGWIN ] ; then
    18 }}}
    19 * Force iconv to be checked only HP-UX, in addition to Solaris and Cygwin on which it was previously checked.
    20 {{{
    21 -if [ "x$UNAME" != xSunOS ] && [ "x$UNAME" != xCYGWIN ] ; then 
    22 +if [ "x$UNAME" != xSunOS ] && [ "x$UNAME" != xHP-UX ] && [ "x$UNAME" != xCYGWIN ] ; then
    23 }}}
    25 * Print all tests have pass if they have done. The relevant bit of the patch is
    27 {{{
    28 +echo "All the tests for iconv passed"
    29 +exit 0
    30 }}}
     7A cleanup of spkg-install, spkg-check and SPKG.txt was also undertaken.