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Dynamic attributes for symbolic expressions — at Initial Version

Reported by: SimonKing Owned by: segfaulting doctests
Priority: major Milestone: sage-5.11
Component: symbolics Keywords: symbolic expression dynamic attribute sd48
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Let e be a symbolic expression. It may happen that e.operator() has a certain callable attribute, say, foo, that is not a method of Function. In this situation, one would like to use, which is supposed to return e.operator().foo(*e.operands()) - apparently this is useful for working with hypergeometric functions.


sage: from sage.symbolic.function import BuiltinFunction
sage: class ExampleBuiltin(BuiltinFunction):
...     def __init__(self):
...         BuiltinFunction.__init__(self, 'ex_func', nargs=0) #arbitrary no of args
...     def some_function_name(self, *args):
...         return len(args)
sage: ex_func = ExampleBuiltin()
sage: ex_func

We obtain a symbolic expression by calling ex_func:

sage: e = ex_func(x,x+1, x+2)
sage: type(e)
<type 'sage.symbolic.expression.Expression'>

We add a callable and a non-callable attribute to ex_func:

sage: def some_function(slf, *L): print slf,'called with',L
sage: ex_func.foo_bar = some_function
sage: ex_func.bar_foo = 4

Now, both the new method and the callable attribute foo_bar of ex_func are available from e, but not the non-callable:

sage: e.some_function_name()
sage: e.foo_bar()
ex_func called with (x, x + 1, x + 2)
sage: e.bar_foo
Traceback (most recent call last):
AttributeError: <type 'sage.symbolic.expression.Expression'> has no attribute 'bar_foo'

Tab completion and introspection work:

sage: 'foo_bar' in dir(e)     # indirect doctest
sage: 'some_function_name' in dir(e)
sage: 'bar_foo' in dir(e)
sage: import as s
sage: s.completions('e.some', globals(), system='python')


When I ran sage -testall, several doctests segfaulted:

        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/functions/"
        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/games/"
        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/matrix/"
        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/misc/"
        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/plot/"
        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/quadratic_forms/"
        sage -t  -verbose "devel/sage/sage/rings/polynomial/polynomial_element.pyx"

I tried (using sage -t -verbose) to find out what exactly fails. When I ran some of these failing examples in an interactive session, no segfault occured. So, is there a nasty side effect?

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The patch implements dynamic attributes, but some doctests segfault

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