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Mar 23, 2011, 7:50:21 PM (12 years ago)
Karl-Dieter Crisman
  1. The correct menu is much shorter in the notebook than in the application launched from the command line.  The application launched from the command line uses the default menu.  I'll look into making them match.

Well, no need on this ticket!

As for this, the first patch only suffices to fix the command line problem, and the notebook still works right.

So I would say that the second patch is not relevant to this ticket, esp. given its problems with import (which I am looking into - I think has to do with HG not applying some things correctly because of perceived line endings. Look at the view of the attachment on this ticket, and look at the lines with bond100 and bond150 and note the weirdness there. It looks like

bond100 | 0.10 √Ö = wireframe .1

instead of angstroms like I think it's supposed to

bond100 | 0.10 Å = wireframe .1

No wonder it's not applying, since it's not being interpreted right. Anyway, not relevant for the ticket.

  1. Apply the patches in #9238 to see the updated notebook Jmol interface.

As I thought - thanks, not relevant for reviewing this.

  1. The .spkg problem is odd.  I've got no errors ever.  I just use ./sage -f "<web address of patch>".

Yes, that is what should work. Since this isn't an spkg that would actually ever exist, it's not a problem, I hope.

  1. The patch with the problem with the .mnu file means redoing it against a 4.6.2 that had the .mnu file in the repo.  For some reason the version I got for ubuntu 10.04 lts did not.

See above.

I get the following issue as well.

rm: /Users/.../sage-4.7.alpha2-jmol/devel/sagenb/sagenb/data/jmol/LICENSE.txt: No such file or directory

So was there not a license before? Apparently not - I can confirm that in an install that does not have the new Jmol. So it's not a big deal, but at any rate you didn't have to put that in the script.

Otherwise I think this is ready to go. It would be nice to have someone on a system where command line plotting did not work before to try this. Volker, du bist ja bei Sage Days 29, oder? Probierst du es mal aus?


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