Changes between Version 6 and Version 11 of Ticket #8922

06/05/10 01:16:12 (11 years ago)

Changes in reviewer patch:

  • Move the method adjacency_sequence() to the class CGraph, as I think that method is useful for both dense and sparse graphs.
  • Clean-up coding style in accordance with PEP 008.
  • In describing the algorithm used in subgraph_search() of the module generic_graph_pyx.pyx, you have the formula:
    `\binom k!{|V(G)|}{k}`
    That won't typeset in LaTeX as you expected. Do you mean this?
    `k! \binom{|V(G)|}{k}`
    I have used the latter formula in my reviewer patch. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Unit tests for the cdef functions vectors_equal() and vectors_inferior(), and the method adjacency_sequence(). These functions/methods are defined using cdef and the doctest coverage script don't pick them up in its analysis. However, I still think it's important to provide unit tests for such functions/methods.
  • Amalgamate the methods induced_subgraph_search() and subgraph_search(). Their definitions are almost identical, except for the keyword induced. The combined method is defined to take the boolean keyword induced and pass it on to the relevant method.

Another pair of eyes is needed to look over my reviewer patch.


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