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08/01/11 21:11:49 (10 years ago)

This needs to be (slightly) rebased for #10652. I can't tell immediately whether the extra filetypes allowed there need any other changes to this patch - my sense is probably not? Anyway, that shouldn't be too hard.

Yeah, the problem on the computer where this doesn't work quite right is probably the same as yours - because I also have a nonstandard browser (well, Firefox) as default there. Switching the default browser to Safari removes the problem.

I really want to give this positive review so that I can review #11026, #10556, and #10555, but it seems like it's not great that one would have to use Safari on Mac for this to work properly (and who knows on other systems where I haven't tested this?).

What's particularly odd is that sage-open (in the scripts directory) is getting the correct browser for me, as far as I can tell, in either case (Safari or FF). But the way sage/misc/ operates is a little mysterious - sage-native-execute shouldn't have to run sage-open on OS X.

Any thoughts? I'm sorry for the delay in reviewing this, I was busy with Cygwin and running the workshop in my Sage time this summer.


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