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02/08/13 14:40:16 (9 years ago)

These patches were quite old and things have moved around since they were written. As a consequence, part of the old patches now apply to different files, that is the case of the NTL GF2E implementation which has been split in a Python and a Cython file.

Some pseudo Conway polys changed so that two doctests now fail (not corrected in the patches cause I did not take the time to think about it, feel free to do it). As these pseudo Conway polynomials are not unique, I'm not sure if the procedure to generate them is deterministic or to which point randomness comes into play and if the failing doctests are just due to some routine called during the generation which may give a different result since the patches were originally written.

Not really sure how to cast restriction on the is_square and squarefree_decomposition methods, nor what I've changed makes sense, I've come up with this quickly, feel free to correct it. The basic problem was that now Sage supports function fields where we have no p-th roots and that raised an AttributeError? when calling is_square which called squarefree_decomposition in some doctests.

The doc now builds ok and looks nice (although I did not have LaTeX on my computer), but may need some revamping. Nonetheless it would be great to get this in quickly.


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    1616Also adds methods `any_root` and `squarefree_decomposition` to polynomials over finite fields.
    18 Depends on #8218, #8332, #7880, #7883, #8333, #8334
     18Depends on #8218, #8332, #7880, #7883, #8333, #8334.