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Update sage-env — at Initial Version

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This is an update to the sage-env file. It should allow a much improved build process, simplifying the code in spkg install files, as much of it will be taken care of. The code will also be more portable.

  • Little or no need for any SAGE64 rubbish in any spkg-install files. The appropriate flag to build 64-bit code is added if SAGE64 is set to use.
  • No need to add -Wall or -g, as these are added by default.
  • GNU specific compiler options can be replaced by variables with similar names to the GNU ones, making substitution a relatively easy task.
  • Will enable code to be much more portable.

The changes mainly affect the 3 variables for compiler flags - CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and FCFLAGS.

The user may set CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and FCFLAGS, but the following will be appended.

General flags

  • The -g option is added to enable debugging unless SAGE_DEBUG is set to "no".
  • -Wall is added for gcc, g++ and gfortran.

64-bit Flags

If SAGE64 is "yes"

  • -m64 is added for GCC
  • -m64 is added for Sun Studio
  • -q64 is added for IBM's compiler on AIX
  • +DA2.OW is added on HP-UX. (This will not work on Itanium processors running on HP-UX. I'll update when I have more information).

A variable CFLAG64 is set to the correct option for building 64-bit binaries with the C compiler. So if -m64 is replaced by $CFLAG64, the code will work on any C compiler.

(Some compilers may require a different option for C and C++ files. The names CXXFLAG64 and FCFLAG64 are reserved for this, but its not suggested they are used now)

C++ library flags

Due to changes in the C++ standard, it is impossible for compiler vendors to distribute a C++ runtime library which is both compatible with the old standard and the new one. Both HP and Sun use the older library by default, and need a switch added to enable the newer libraries, which more closely follow the latest C++ standard. See:


  • If the compiler is Sun Studio, library=stlport4 is added to CXXFLAGS.
  • If the Compiler is HP's on HP-UX, the option -AA is added to CXXFLAGS.

Shared Library Flags

Five new variables are set in sage-env. These are for building shared libraries and take on names very similar to the GNU names for the flags.

Flag nameValue with GCCValue with Sun Studio

A reviewer may notice two further variable names used. These options can be linker dependent and will be finalized once some code to detect the linker is in place.

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