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    1 See the top of the patch for a complete description of the changes.
     1New Features:
    3 Review ongoing on the Sage-Combinat queue.
     3- Extended weight lattice/space for affine types
     4- coxeter_matrix and coxeter_diagram (for crystallographic types)
     5- Embeddings of the root lattice/space in root lattice realizations
     6- Embeddings of the weight lattice/space in weight lattice realizations
     7- Partial conversion from the root space to the root lattice
     8- Iterator for any Coxeter group, and weak order ideals thereof
     9- Facade option for weak_poset's and bruhat_poset's of finite coxeter groups
     10- weak_poset's of finite coxeter groups are lattices; added link weak_lattice -> weak_poset
     11  (courtesy of Christian Stump)
     12- Enumerated set for grassmannian elements, and is_grasmmannian test
     13- Added method register_as_conversion to morphisms
     17- RootLatticeRealization and WeightLatticeRealization are now categories
     18- Use abstract_methods where appropriate
     19- Cleanup of an_element
     20- to_coroot_lattice_morphism: renamed to to_coroot_lattice_space, and
     21  moved from RootLatticeRealization to RootSpace (it does not make
     22  sense for, e.g., the weight lattice).
     23- Moved the implementation of associated_coroot in root_lattice_realization to root_space where it belongs
     25Tests and bug fixes:
     27- 100% doctests on sage.combinat.root_system, except for weyl_group and weyl_characters
     28- 100% doctests on CoxeterGroups
     29- Add minimal documentation to AffineWeylGroups
     30- Added systematic tests for associated_coroot
     31- Fixed further missing features revealed by this test:
     32  - reducible Cartan types were not seen as finite/simply laced/crystallographic as appropriate
     33  - symmetrizer needed to be generalized to reducible cartan types (including D2)
     34  - the relabelling for reducible cartan types was broken for affine types
     35- More tests for scalar products
     36- Added systematic consistency check between the simple_root and simple_roots methods
     37- same thing for fundamental_weight and fundamental_weights
     38- Fixed a SL vs GL glitch when obtaining simple roots for reducible cartan types revealed by the above
     39- Fixed imports (extraneous ones, and a missing one reported by M. Shimozono and others)