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05/07/12 18:52:41 (10 years ago)

Hi there,

I just uploaded which seems to solve most of the problems we had here, including merging of

  • the todo list if this extension is activated;
  • the python indexes;
  • the list of python modules;
  • the javascript index;
  • the citations.

I put a need review though I'm quite not sure everything is ready for inclusion into Sage. I do need feedback and people shaking my code to see if it's robust.



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    3232 - [attachment:trac_6495-part1-moving-files.patch] — this moves 'algebras.rst' to 'algebras/index.rst', and similarly for all other files.  It adds `.. include:: ../footer.txt` to the end of each of these files, and it removes any cross-referencing information like `.. _ch:groups:`, since that doesn't work anymore with the new structure.  It also creates identical files 'DIR/' in each of the new subdirectories of doc/en/reference, except for doc/en/algebras/  That file is created in the next patch so that you can focus on reviewing just the second patch.
    3333 - [attachment:trac_6495-part2-everything-else.patch] — this does everything else; in other words, all of the important content is in this patch.
     34 - [attachment:trac_6495-part3-the-remaining.patch] — this patch takes care of merging the indexes and the bibliography.
    3536Before building the docs, you should delete the documentation output directory: {{{rm -rf SAGE_ROOT/devel/sage/doc/output}}}.