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Jun 29, 2011, 1:38:10 PM (11 years ago)
Burcin Erocal

From comment:6:ticket:9555:

The taylor() method is cruft left over from pre-pynac symbolics. We should deprecate it in favor of the series() method. It's perfectly acceptable to give Puiseux series as a result of a call to .series(). I expect this to be done in #6119, where we add an algorithm= option to .series(). The default behavior can be to call pynac and fall back to maxima if that returns an error.

In short, we should change this ticket to cover this transition. Series expansions in Pynac need more work to match what maxima does. That should be tracked on the pynac issue tracker:


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    initial v2  
    1 Ginac has series about zero, it should be easy to shift to get the series about any point.
     1Symbolic expressions have two methods to obtain series expansions. The `taylor()` method is a wrapper around maxima's `taylor` command. The result of this is not always a Taylor series, which leads to confusions.
     3The `series()` method was introduced in the pynac-based symbolics. ATM, it is a thin wrapper around GiNaC series expansions. This also plays well with the symbolic functions, etc. introduced based on Pynac/GiNaC.
     5We should deprecate the `taylor()` method and add an `algorith=` argument to `series()`. The default behavior can be to call GiNaC and fall back to maxima if that fails.