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Categories for the working mathematics programmer — at Version 7

Reported by: nthiery Owned by: nthiery
Priority: major Milestone: sage-4.3
Component: categories Keywords: categories parents
Cc: sage-combinat, roed, saliola Merged in:
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Description (last modified by nthiery)

This (series of) patch(es) extends the Sage category framework as a design pattern for organizing generic code.

(with special thanks to Robert Bradshaw, Mike Hansen, Florent Hivert, William Stein, ... for design discussions).

Under development on

  • #5891: categories-nt.patch: the category framework itself + updates to the sage library (import fixes, ... see below) + updates to combinatorial free modules (will be split before submission)

Related patches (will need to be applied after to recover 100% doctest pass):

  • categories-combinat-nt.patch
  • categories-numberfield_homset-nt.patch
  • family_enumset-fh.patch
  • enumset_unions-fh.patch
  • categories-sf-nt.patch Symmetric functions
  • categories-symmetric_group_algebra-nt.patch
  • ncsf-nt.patch Non commutative Symmetric Functions
  • #4326: root_systems-4326-nt.patch

Small technical patches the category patch depends on:

  • #5449: cached_in_parent_method-5449-submitted.patch
  • #5783: lazy_attributes-fixes-5783-final.patch
  • #5120: unique_representation-5120-submitted.patch
  • #5967: element_wrapper-5967-submitted.patch
  • #5979: parent-element_constructor-fix-5979-submitted.patch
  • #5985: cPickle-5985-import-submitted.patch, cPickle-5985-copy_reg_classes-submitted.patch
  • #5986: cPickle-5986-nested-classes-submitted.patch
  • #5991: dynamic_class-5991-submitted.patch
  • #5598: 5598-coerce-declare.patch
  • #5483: explain-pickle-v1.patch # probably can get rid of this dependency
  • #6000: transitive_ideal-6000-submitted.patch

Current status:

  • All test pass except for:
    • sage -t "devel/sage/sage/geometry/" (apparently caused by categories, though I don't see how)
    • sage -t "devel/sage/sage/structure/sage_object.pyx" (unpickling of old stuff)
  • Real life applications: see related patches, automatic monoids, ...
  • Categories:
    • All the mathematical categories of Axiom and MuPAD (Courtesy of Teresa Gomez Diaz)
    • (Infinite/Finite?)EnumeratedSets? (with example) (Courtesy of Florent Hivert)
    • Semigroups (with example, basic methods, subquotients)
    • FiniteSemigroups? (with example, cayley graphs, basic representation theory, ...)
    • ModulesWithBasis? (with example, morphisms)
    • HopfAlgebras? & friends (with example)
    • Cleanup:
      • Have unique representation by default (no need to inherit from Category_uniq)
      • Have construction / reduce by default
  • Functorial constructions:
    • direct sum
    • tensor product
    • cartesian product (todo)
    • dual (in progress)
    • subquotient, subset, quotient (in progress)
    • isomorphism type (todo)
  • Homomorphisms
    • Integrates with current sage morphisms
    • Adds morphisms for some categories
    • Some general infrastructure
    • Hom:
      • Simplification of the logic. Hopefuly completely compatible.
      • X._Hom_(Y, category) may now return NotImplemented?
      • failed attempt at using cached_function (to be pursued)
    • Systematic use of category = ... instead of cat = This may be backward incompatible.
  • Generic test framework
    • Functional, final design clear, needs cleanup (2/3 hours)
  • Reorganization of the Sage library to start using the category framework:
    • Combinatorial free modules
      • Have unique representation, use coercion, are more robust
      • Improved _repr_
      • Handle combinatorial classes that can't be sorted as indices
    • Groups:
      • AbelianGroup_class.init was missing a call to Groups.init
      • NAME CONFLICT: AbelianGroups? are *not* in AbelianGroups?() With the current conventions:
      • Support for Group.init(category = ...)
    • Fixed some import loops
    • Added temporary list() methods to:
    • Added sage.sets.finite_enumerated_set
  • Todo:
    • Naming cleanup:
      • Parent -> ParentMethods? (or _ParentMethods? or ?)
      • Element -> ElementMethods? + move them as a nested class of ParentMethods?
      • super_categories should be a method
      • zero, one should be methods
      • standardize the names: mult / product / multiplication / multiply?
      • check -> test
      • self.tester(keywords)
      • intrusive cat.tensor_category / ...
      • cat.example() -> /an_example/an_object/... ?
      • class.an_instance() ?
      • all_weakly_super_categories -> ?
      • move all examples in examples/
      • AbelianGroups?() versus CommutativeGroups?()
  • Category graph picture
  • Fixes:
    • Pickling: essentially works; polish the remaining
    • Integration in the Sage library: some tests are broken. Help welcome!
    • Pickling from old sage: technically feasible. Need help!
    • Inheritance from category for Cython classes: technically feasible. Need help!
  • Hom is *not* a functorial construction, the design and user interface needs to be discussed
  • Support for multivariate morphims, i.e. morphisms A x B -> C where the specializations A x b -> C are morphisms for a given category and a x B -> C are morphisms for a possibly different category
  • Discussion:
    • Defining new inline operators, at least within the sage interpreter

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