Changes between Version 72 and Version 85 of Ticket #5847

11/24/10 17:31:50 (12 years ago)

Replying to zimmerma:

just a comment: the ticket title mentions ECM 6.3, but the changes in the description refer to changes between 6.2.1 and 6.2.2.

That's a historical relict; I've now also added the other changes between Sage's current version and 6.3.


  • Ticket #5847 – Description

    v72 v85  
     2Changes between ecm-6.2.3 and ecm-6.3:
     3* New assembly code for 64-bit PowerPC (thanks to Philip McLaughlin)
     4* Allow several processes to write to the same -save file
     5* More routines in new P+-1 stage 2 use multi-threading in OpenMP build
     6* Fixed incompatibility with GMP 5.0.0
     7* Fixed several bugs, and now check return value from malloc() calls
     8* Fixed linking of GMP which prevented successful builds under Darwin
     9  (and presumably other systems)
     10* Allow use of x86_64 asm code under MinGW
     12Changes between ecm-6.2.2 and ecm-6.2.3:
     13* Fixed incompatibility with GMP 4.3.0 when testing version in configure
     14* SSE2 asm code for Visual C added in stage 2 NTT code
     15* Small improvement to x86_64 mulredc asm code, slight speedup on Core 2
     16* Fixed incorrect carry propagation in subquadratic REDC code which
     17  could lead to incorrect arithmetic in rare cases
     18* Fixed memory leak with -v parameter when factor was found in ECM stage 1
     19* Fixed bug which caused only one ECM curve to be run in spite of -c
     20  parameter if input line did not end in newline
     21* Assembler mulredc code enabled by default on x86_64
    223Changes between ecm-6.2.1 and ecm-6.2.2:
    324* Updated build project files for Visual C by Brian Gladman, also adds