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New spkg:

md5sum: 85eabecaa8974a270d5587ef8de06da1 ecm-6.3.p2.spkg

ecm-6.3.p2 (Leif Leonhardy, November 23rd, 2010)

  • Apply another patch from upstream to '' to fix compilation on 32-bit x86 processors supporting SSE2. (#10252) (There's only a single, cumulative patch file since both patches are to ''.)
  • Work around linker bug on MacOS X 10.5 PPC (see Special Update/Build? Instructions above, and #5847 comment 35 ff.).
  • Allow passing extra arguments to 'configure' through ECM_EXTRA_OPTS.
  • Add "-march=native" to CFLAGS on platforms that support it if CFLAGS do not already contain similar.
  • Print settings of CC, CFLAGS etc. and how we configure.
  • Print settings of CC and CFLAGS found in 'SAGE_LOCAL/include/gmp.h' and eventually a system-wide 'gmp.h'; these aren't yet used though.
  • Further clean-up.

Special Update/Build? Instructions

  • src/ contains "stable" upstream code, to which we currently apply two upstream patches (both to ''). These (i.e. the files 'patches/' and 'patches/configure') should be removed on the next upgrade to a stable release.
  • GMP-ECM comes with a self-tuning feature; we could support that as an option ($SAGE_TUNE_*=yes) in the future.
  • We currently work around a linker bug on MacOS X 10.5 PPC (with GCC 4.2.1) which breaks 'configure' if debug symbols are enabled. This *might* get fixed in later upstream releases.
  • ECM currently does not use the CC and CFLAGS settings from 'gmp.h' since we pass (other) options in CFLAGS (though MPIR currently doesn't use its own CFLAGS for the same reason); we could fix that somehow s.t. "optimized" code generation options ('-mcpu=...', '-mtune=...') are used by gcc. Of course a user can also manually enable them by setting the "global" CFLAGS to e.g. "-march=native" on x86 systems. Note that this doesn't affect the packages' selection of processor- specific optimized [assembly] code. 'spkg-install' already reads those settings now, but doesn't yet use them. If SAGE_FAT_BINARY="yes", we should avoid too specific settings of "-mcpu=...", and perhaps pass a more generic "--host=..." to 'configure'.

Please build, test and report!

(As you know, it still requires the new MPIR spkg from #8664. Note that I didn't have the same versions of autotools, so the patched configure looks quite different and might give warnings, but works, at least for me.)


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