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Oct 24, 2009, 7:09:46 PM (13 years ago)

Note: With Jinja2 (cf. #7269, #7249), we can instead use, e.g.,

    macros: {
       {{ jsmath_macros|join(',\n') }}

in jsmath.js (cf. #6673).


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     1The patch
    3 {{{
    4 Yes, that looks correct.  I'm not sure why people are getting the
    5 error -7 under these conditions.  It means that something has gone
    6 wrong when trying to load the fallback method, and that usually means
    7 it can't read the image font definition files.  There are a couple of
    8 other possibilities as well:  perhaps the noImageFonts plugin was not
    9 able to be read (permission issue?) or the unicode fallback file could
    10 not be read.  Given your use of noImageFonts, I suspect it may be the
    11 latter.  If the users who are getting error -7 are using Firefox3,
    12 that may well be it.  There were changes to the same-origin security
    13 policy in Firefox3 that prevent jsMath from loading local files from
    14 directories other than the one in which the HTML file is found.  I
    15 worked around this in jsMath v3.6 (released Sept. 2008), so those
    16 users should update to the latest version of jsMath to avoid that
    17 problem.
    18 > I'm pretty sure we don't use the easy/load.js (and I'm not sure why).
     3 * [attachment:trac_4714-sagenb_jsmath_init.patch]
    20 Probably because it didn't exist when jsMath support was added to
    21 sage.  The easy/load.js file was a relatively late addition to jsMath,
    22 but certainly makes things easier for people.  You might consider
    23 whether you want to use that instead.
     5consolidates jsMath setup in `/javascript/jsmath.js`. It depends on #6673.  It hard-codes the jsMath macros in `sagenb.misc.misc`, for now.
    25 Davide
     7A quicker fix for shipping Sage 4.2 is this patch:
     9 * [attachment:trac_4714-sagenb_hard_code_macros.patch]
     11It does only the hard-coding, so it does not depend on #6673.