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09/29/11 15:19:00 (6 years ago)

The fourth patch does not provide a new feature, but only fixes of bugs, of the doc string formatting, and of the doc tests.

Since I do not have Sage locally, I'd appreciate if one of you could build the documentation and see if it looks nice.

Not a feature, but a fix concerns the hash: If one constructs a g-algebra as one is supposed to (g_algeba method resp. unique factory) then the g-algebra is a unique parent. Hence, id(self) is a good hash for it, and __cmp__ can be removed.

Note that the hash in Sage is allowed to change from session to session, so, id(self) is fine - see UniqueRepresentation.__hash__. Of course, one can destroy the uniqueness on purpose, but that's not our problem.

Tests in sage/libs/singular, and plural.pyx pass. I am now running all doc tests, but I think it is OK to put it as "needs review".

Concerning review: I think we should review each other's code. So, in particular, one of you should please review my last three patches.

Please verify if I got the credits (author list) right.

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