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Some comments:

  • Shouldn't base=2 raise an error when scale='linear' in your example? Maybe the
           if scale is None: 
                return ('linear', 'linear', 10, 10) 
    could return 'linear', 'linear', None, None?
  • In _matplotlib_tick_formatter, should base and scale be next to each other in the function definition? (This is a very minor critique, of course.)
  • Nice consolidation of the ticklabels business at the end of the patch.
  • Regardless of the outcome of the poll (on which you can vote), I think one should add a lot more examples in the documentation for show for the various options. Lots of them.
  • What's going on with the pr, i = '', 0 thing removed? I just don't know what it had been doing - seems to have been dead code, but I always get nervous when I have no idea what it used to do...
  • kini says that the [13:] seems brittle if matplotlib's API changes; would it be possible to remove the specific string \\mathdefault instead?
  • I wonder about the not setting of the spines outward when the axes shouldn't cross. Here is an example which serves the point:
    sage: G = plot(exp(x), (x,5,10))
    sage:'semilogy', 2))
    I don't even think this is a very atypical example to arise in practice. It should be documented somehow.
  • It's fairly easy to have just one tick in a given direction, which usually raises an error in normal plots but isn't raising an error for yours. I'm not sure if one would want to raise an error like "Use a different base so that you get at least two ticks!" or something.

But even with all of these comments, and waiting for the post-poll patch, fantastic job on this. Someone had to come along to finally wrap this for us, it's been requested zillions of times, and this is very worth the effort, thank you so much.


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