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12/11/10 11:58:59 (11 years ago)

I'm reopening this bug since people keep tripping over this issue. We need to fix this or we'll end up with every spkg working around the RM=rm issue. As the spkg maintainer/author, I know that cddlib and TOPCOM both need to unset RM or they won't build. In #10285 it was noted a few days ago that Boehm GC 7.2 also trips over this issue. More and more packages will fail because of this issue as soon as upsteam re-runs autotools...

For the record, gfurnish's patch applies cleanly on Sage-4.6.1.alpha3 (apply to the $SAGE_LOCAL/bin repo)

I'd be happy to give this a positive review. Maybe mabshoff can reconsider his objections?


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    initial v5  
    1 The env variable RM is set to rm instead of rm -rf.  This breaks some functionality of make (such as compiling .l files) which breaks the ability to compile M2 with sage-env sourced.
     1The env variable RM is set to `rm` instead of `rm -f`. This breaks newer libtools, for example anything in Fedora 12 or later (libtool 2.2.6, autoconf 2.63, automake 1.11.1). They assume that `$RM` is either unset or `RM="rm -f"`, that is, deleting non-existing files must not cause an error.
     3One of the symptoms of this breakage is that configure ends with
     5rm: cannot remove `libtoolT': No such file or directory
     7Compile will break later on...