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04/06/21 09:51:31 (15 months ago)

Replying to gh-mjungmath:

Mh, I don't know. Manifolds usually don't constitute of vectors. So a vector method wouldn't make much sense there as it sounds to me more like a method that should be reserved for vector spaces only. I'd advocate to rename vector to tangent_vector because mathematically precise.

OK, this is done in the last commit. Note however that saying simply "vector at point p of manifold M" is quite unambiguous and is in line with the terminology "vector field": we do not say "tangent vector field", do we?

This is a neat feature though, and I don't want to block it just because of my pedantry. An alias sounds like a good compromise.

Done. vector is now an alias for tangent_vector.


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    77Vector at Point p on the Euclidean plane E^2
    9 This ticket endows the class `DifferentiableManifold` with a method `vector` to make it a 1-step process. We can now write:
     9This ticket endows the class `DifferentiableManifold` with a method `tangent_vector`, with `vector` as an alias, to make it a 1-step process. We can now write:
    1111sage: E.<x,y> = EuclideanSpace()