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    1 Problem: While working on #30371, I noticed that most files in `local/share` are more or less static, but are generated during `make`.
    2 I was wondering how to streamline this process a bit in order to make modularization easier, and to make it possible to install sagelib in different venv and without a previous run of `bootstrap`/`make`.
     1The Sage distribution contains a number of "database packages", many of which do not seem to have a "real upstream" (or installation procedures other than our scripts in build/pkgs).
    4 Options that I see:
    5 1. Checkin the current version of these files (at least the almost static databases etc) in say `src/share`. Then they only need to be generated anew for update due to changes upstream. So one can remove the corresponding sage packages from the `make` pipeline.
     3We transform them into pip-installable packages and publish them to PyPI so that they can be installed using standard Python tools (and become Python dependencies of sagelib).
    7 2. Publish these dependencies to pypi, and install them to the current venv using requirements.txt and/or pipfile.
     5For those that do not have a real upstream, we create separate git repositories in to serve as new upstream.
    9 3. Generate these files during a call of `src/`, and include them in this way in the current venv.
     7List of packages/tickets:
    11 Any other ideas/preferences about how to handle these files?