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This metaticket collects tickets related to manifolds in Sage 9.3 or higher. For the initial implementation of manifolds in Sage up to version 9.2, see the metaticket 1: #18528.

The works listed here result from the SageManifolds project, developed by the following authors.


  • #30139: Metaticket about manifold code improvement
  • #30116: Replace __eq__ by _richcmp_ for manifolds
  • #30473: Unicode art for sage.manifolds
  • #30538: Some flake8 cleanup in manifolds

Algebraic part

  • #28813: Enhance symmetry handling for tensors
  • #29099: Extension of admissible indices conventions for tensors with indices
  • #29619: Sparse iterator for tensor components
  • #29820: Compacting the display of tensor product
  • #29796: Parallelization of wedge product
  • #30095: sage.tensor.modules: Add SymPowerFreeModule
  • #30096: sage.tensor.modules: Add backends using TensorFlow Core and PyTorch:
  • #30164: Add category FreeModules (without distinguished basis)
  • #30174: Trivial coercion Modules(QQ)(FiniteRankFreeModule(QQ, 3)) fails
  • #30229: Submodules of TensorFreeModule defined by the symmetries of a Components object
  • #30235: Add construction methods to FiniteRankFreeModule and CombinatorialFreeModule
  • #30241: New implementation class FiniteRankDualFreeModule
  • #30242: Make ExtPowerFreeModule a quotient of TensorFreeModule
  • #30245: FreeModuleAutomorphism should not inherit from FreeModuleTensor
  • #30244: Use _matmul_ operator (@)
  • #30276: Phased permutation groups
  • #30302: Arithmetic on tensor module elements, manifold objects: always return a copy

Topological manifolds

  • #24151: Improve simplifications in calculus on manifolds
  • #24290: Make simplifications in SymPy calculus on manifolds rely on SymPy only
  • #29775: Add a bit of typing to manifold code
  • #30232: Coercion/conversion SR to ScalarFieldAlgebra
  • #30263: declare_union yields wrong results
  • #30310: Immutability of chart functions

Differentiable manifolds

  • #28629: Automorphism fields: remove SR enforcement when computing the inverse
  • #28640: Vector-valued forms:
  • #27492: Bug in parallelized computations involving symbolic functions
  • #29234: Inheritance structure: tensor fields as sections of vector bundles
  • #29581: New algorithm for characteristic classes
  • #30211: Characteristic classes: sequences
  • #30261: Immutability for manifold objects
  • #30272: Mixed forms: set_comp, comp
  • #30275: Replace AssertionError with ValueError when immutable elements are tried to be changed
  • #30320: set_default_frame() too restrictive on parallelizable manifolds
  • #30495: sage.manifolds: Connect to Pymanopt

Pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

  • #25457: Declaring a metric along with its components
  • #25500: Energy momentum tensor, Einstein tensor and Einstein space-time
  • #30189: Add sphere and hyperbolic space permanently
  • #30519: Fix check of orientation in volume form

Poisson manifolds

  • #30362: Add symplectic structures

Complex and almost complex manifolds

  • #18786: almost complex structures through Hodge structures

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