Changes between Version 3 and Version 6 of Ticket #29852

Nov 13, 2020, 3:09:59 AM (2 years ago)
Matthias Köppe

Last 10 new commits:

8f88709src/bin/sage: Only source sage-env-config if it exists
ab2655esrc/bin/sage: Use python3 etc. from PATH instead of using SAGE_LOCAL
4577f37src/bin/sage-env: Make sage-env-config optional
c35c170sage.env: Add SAGE_VENV
c585d94src/sage: Replace some SAGE_LOCAL by SAGE_VENV
2fd195fsrc/bin/sage: Fix reference to trac ticket
f3b7a9csrc/sage/ Add documentation
995af9fMerge branch 't/22731/22731' into t/29852/get_rid_of_sage_env_config
2bce7b8src/bin/sage: Find SAGE_ROOT, SAGE_LOCAL from sage-config
9810f49src/bin/sage: Determine SAGE_ROOT, SAGE_LOCAL earlier


  • Ticket #29852

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    • Property Authors changed from to Matthias Koeppe
    • Property Cc Michael Orlitzky added
    • Property Summary changed from Get rid of sage-env-config to sage: Determine SAGE_LOCAL, SAGE_ROOT via sage-config if it exists
    • Property Dependencies changed from #29850 to #22731
    • Property Branch changed from to u/mkoeppe/get_rid_of_sage_env_config
    • Property Commit changed from to 9810f492a246441d7c570a1010558e38c1fc30ad
  • Ticket #29852 – Description

    v3 v6  
    1 We remove
    2  * the build-time dependency of the sage distribution on `src/bin/sage-env-config`
    3  * the runtime dependency of sagelib on `sage-env-config`.
     1We reduce the runtime dependency of `sage` on `sage-env-config`.
    5 Instead we use `sage-config` from `sage_conf` (which has a dependency on our `python3` package, of course).
    6 In this ticket, we do this for `SAGE_LOCAL` and `SAGE_ROOT`.
     3We query `sage-config` from `sage_conf` (which has a dependency on our `python3` package, of course) for the values of `SAGE_LOCAL` and `SAGE_ROOT`. `sage-config` must be in the same directory as $0.
     5This allows the installed `sage` script to be invoked directly from `$SAGE_LOCAL/bin` in an environment without `SAGE_...` variables, restoring what was previously implemented in #25486.
     7Also, we move sourcing of `sage-env-config` (but not `sage-env`!) earlier in the `sage` script.
     8This is so that commands such as `sage --root` work correctly.
     10Follow-up tickets:
     11 - #30888 resolve symlinks so it even works for symlinks to `$SAGE_LOCAL/bin/sage`
     12 - #30013 set `SAGE_VENV` too
     13 - remove the build-time dependency of the sage distribution on `src/bin/sage-env-config`