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Dear Daniel, none of these issues are blockers to me. Please don't throw such strong statements around carelessly. Also, since a lot of these issues are simple, why are you asking others to do it? Why can't you take care of them yourself? If you have time to review, you have time to code.

Also, code does not need to be perfect to get into Sage (something about the enemy of good comes to mind). I am happy to delegate work to subsequent tickets.

Some technical notes. PEP8 are guidelines, good ones that should be followed as much as possible, but guidelines all the same. Same for "Pythonic" code (also you can get a speed bonus for doing these things, not that it is particularly useful here). Sometimes you have to duplicate code or you have to make things somewhat convoluted to not do the duplication. Minor differences are differences. It is also really annoying to deprecate default value changes.


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    515111. The default of the `style`-parameter is `'>='` in and `'positive'` in Having different default values within the same module for methods doing "the same" is usually not a good idea.
    525212. The variable `split` needs a docstring explaining what it does as this is not obvious. (And, from a technical point of view, one could consider using its inverse `join`, as it is more a `' '.join(...)` than a `....split(' ')`, but this is highly debatable.)
    54 #24837 has gone in 8.4.beta0 and no sign so far for 8.4, so there is still time to fix this. As it is code that should not have been beta-released and there is clearly something to do before the next release, I consider this a blocker ;)
    56 Therefore, dear authors and reviewers of #24837, please fix this until the next stable release. (I am happy to do the reviewing.)
    58 PS: If someone finds that I am overacting feel free to bring me down to earth; it won't be too hard, i promise ;)