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2ed5a53converting polytopes_db_4d into a new style package


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    initial v12  
    11This spkg is mentioned in #14467 and was apparently "huge" (and hence optional).  But it is no longer listed under `build/pkgs` nor does it appear to be available on the download mirrors.
     5Here is a branch to convert it to a new style experimental (but, maybe optional?) package.
     7the tarball is the old *.spkg file, but as it's a tar file, it works
     9tarball url (see in checksum.ini), but it's the same as one gets
     10via `./sage -p polytopes_db_4d` (which still works with old style pkfs)
    313A few options:
    5151) If someone has a copy of this package we can convert it to a new-style SPKG (we will probably need to upload the tarball somewhere with enough space to host it).
    7 2) We don't make it available as a package at all (if it is too big for the mirrors to even host it).  Instead, assuming this data is available to download somewhere online that's stable, we provide built-in functionality to download it if needed.
    9 3) We just deprecate and remove the code that uses it.  There are at least a handful of tests that require it.