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I've added a section intended for end users. Please improve on that if you have more knowledge about sagenb or the Jupyter Notebook, which you probably do.


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    1 An intention to eventually deprecate sagenb has already been mentioned many times in different tickets. But I couldn't find a ticket tracking progress and discussing sagenb's future, so here it is.
     1= If you're coming from the deprecation notice in the notebook =
     3The legacy sage notebook has been effectively deprecated for quite some time.
     4We are now making that official.
     5But that **does not mean that sage will not have notebook functionality**.
     6In fact, most of the functionality of the sage notebook can already be replaced by using the Juypter Notebook instead.
     7For an introduction on how to use the new notebook and convert existing notebooks, see [ the documentation].
     9There are *some* features that are not yet ported to the new notebook hovever.
     10**We will not completely stop supporting the legacy notebook until those issues are resolved.**
     11Those features are listed below. If there is some feature you're missing that is not listed or you want to give general feedback, feel free to leave a comment on this ticket. If you do not have an account yet, you can log in with a !GitHub account.
     13= Implementation details =
    315== Reasons to make sagenb optional ==