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03/09/18 03:34:27 (4 years ago)

The ticket description and the title were misleading. It's a bug in Arch that we are dealing with here, and it should not be a blocker. A broken make is nothing new, e.g. while in theory BSD Make should be able to build Sage, in practice is does not work, and one has to use GNU Make.

If you must work on Arch, install make without guile support. Certainly, improving various upstream build systems is a noble goal, but getting totally carried away with this is not a good idea.


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    1 Sage has a standard package `gc` that creates conflicts with programs that are prerequisite to build Sage such as make. For example, building Sage 8.2.beta3 on archlinux one gets
     1Guile plugin in make under certain not completely clear conditions, likely to do with a version misconfiguration of system libraries,
     2may fail to build a number of Sage packages. For example, while building Sage 8.2.beta3 on latest archlinux one gets
    34make: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol:
    89After deactivating the `gc` package, the compilation went fine.
     11However, this cannot be reproduced on other Linux systems.
    1013The workaround in the branch consists in declaring the environment variable `LD_PRELOAD` so that make uses the system gc. The workaround has to be applied to the 2 standard packages `R` and `rpy2`.
    12 The three other packges `flint`/`arb`/`deformation` failed to build for the same reason and we apply a small patch to avoid them redefining `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`.
     15The three other packges `flint`/`arb`/`deformation` fail to build for the same reason and we apply a small patch to avoid them redefining `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`.
    1417Upstream issues