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9e8caf1Upgrade meataxe spkg to SharedMeatAxe 1.0 (dynamic library)
9690d79Change sage.libs.meataxe initialisation
bf65465Fix two failing tests


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    initial v76  
    33So, purpose of this ticket: Change !MeatAxe from static to dynamic.
    5 Unfortunately, we aren't upstream for !MeatAxe, but it should still be possible to add yet another patch (we already have 7) to `SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs/meataxe/patches` that modifies !MeatAxe's Makefile so that a dynamic library is built.
     5Unfortunately, we aren't upstream for !MeatAxe. We are already extensively patching the upstream sources, both adding features and fixing bugs. But upstream isn't really active, the last release is several years old, and they seemed reluctant to consider our patches.
     7Therefore I created a fork, that I call !SharedMeatAxe, as it provides a shared library. It provides (in contrast to upstream !MeatAxe)
     8- an autotools build system
     9- a shared library
     10- a test suite that can be run in parallel
     11- some bug fixes
     12- a speedup in echelon computation
     13- asymptotically fast matrix multiplication, that is faster than schoolbook multiplication even for rather small matrices.
     14Also it fixes some errors in the documentation.
     16The tarball of the fork is available at