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Jun 12, 2017, 12:38:12 AM (6 years ago)

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The math-readline script seems to trick Mathematica into interactive mode.

The strange thing is that pexpect is really supposed to be exactly like an interactive session. As far as the application is concerned, there should be no difference between a pexpect session or, say, an xterm or SSH session.

I have investigated further and have implemented two solutions, which can be selected by use_pipe=False or True. In either mode, the math-readline script is no longer used by the Mathematica pexpect interface (except for mathematica_console). See comments in for more info.

Eliminating the use of a helper script also makes it more convenient to work with a remote Mathematica server and is also slightly faster. I have tested with Mathematica 11 on Mac OS X, both locally and with server=localhost.

This could use some testing on different platforms and with different Mathematica versions.

New commits:

04f69a2Mathematica.__init__: Implement two modes that work without helper script math-readline


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    1 The script `src/bin/math-readline` (from #16703) puts the terminal in a bad state (due to #20173). There is also this problem reported by John Palmieri:
     1The script `src/bin/math-readline` (from #16703), which is used by the `Mathematica` pexpect interface and by `mathematica_console`, puts the terminal in a bad state (due to #20173). There is also this problem reported by John Palmieri:
    33If I run