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    initial v1  
     1The proposed experimental sage_guess package is designed to guess formulas for input sequences. The package puts wrappers around existing sequence recognition packages available in Sage, including the [ fricas guess package], the [ oeis function], and existing routines for guessing rational generating functions for input sequences. The package also includes a new implementation of a factorization-based procedure used to determine factors of special sequences that are otherwise difficult to process with existing software routines available in Sage. In coding the package, I tried to incorporate the suggestions from my [!topic/sage-devel/FfJrjaSdkF8 sage-devel post].
     3A [ wiki] containing documentation on how to install the Python source to the package without the Sage package and more importantly several examples of the current capability of the package is available. A link to the associated source tarball for the package is given [ here].