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    initial v1  
    11This is a meta-ticket to keep track of the progress of integrating into Sage.
     3== Fix bugs in Sage ==
     4There are a number of trivial bugs that get fixed by monkey-patches in
     61. Conversion from a Function Field to its Constant Field
     71. Conversion from a Function Field to its underlying Polynomial Ring
     81. Coercions between Function Fields
     91. Coercions are injective if the underlying map is
     101. Ring homomorphisms from Fields are injective
     111. The embedding of a ring into a polynomial ring over that ring is injective
     121. Morphisms of number fields are injective
     131. ZZ into QQ is injective
     141. ZZ into a Number Field is injective
     151. ZZ into an order of a Number Field is injective
     161. (some_elements() should return more than just [1] for most rings.)
     18== Add new features to Sage ==
     19New features that the code needs to work
     211. Factorization over iterated extensions of finite fields.
     221. principal_part() and sides() of a Newton Polygon
     24== Add the valuation code to Sage ==
     26i.e., add these files The files here to Sage.