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04/14/17 08:58:44 (5 years ago)

I updated the description with a link to my pull request. In short, I have submitted this patch as proof of concept, but I acknowledged in doing so that it's not ready. The code works though, it just needs refactoring. For the purposes of patching psutil in Sage it's fine though.


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    11Installing psutil on cygwin simply doesn't work.  It actually refuses to install on cygwin.  See attached log.
    3 The relevant issue for psutil is here:  It was determined unfixable due mainly to lack of time / expertise.  I at least suspect I can get something working.
     3The relevant upstream issue for psutil is here:
     5My in-progress pull request is here:
     7The attached patch is based on the current version of my pull request, where all (relevant) tests pass on Cygwin.  The code itself is a bit of a mess and needs refactoring, so it will take a little more time before I can get this accepted upstream.  But in the meantime I will maintain this patch for Sage.