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    1 With the first implementation of #20690, thebe.js was entangled within Sage source code. Since upstream is well defined, the aim of this ticket is to package it the usual way. #20690 is now based on it.
     1Thebe is a Jupyter javascript plugin for static sites that allows to render
     2selected divs of an HTML page as live cells connected to a Jupyter server.
    3 The zipball can be found at and should be renamed `` (upstream does not propose explicit releases).
     4- Website:
     5- Source:
    5 It can also temporarly be downloaded at
     7Ticket #20690 aims to use this technology to implement live documentation
     8in the Jupyter notebook. Indeed, live documentation is one of the features
     9we had in the legacy Sage notebook and that was not yet available in Sage
     10when using the Jupyter notebook.
     12A first implementation of #20690 was entangling thebe.js within Sage source
     13code. Since upstream is well-defined, the aim of this ticket is to instead
     14package it the usual way, and #20690 is now based on this packaged version.
     16The zipball can be found at
     18and should be renamed ``
     19(upstream does not propose explicit releases).
     21It can also temporarily be downloaded at