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    1 If we are plotting a circle or sphere with, we ought to see a circle and not have to manually specify the aspect ratio.  The aspect ratio should have sensible defaults that depend on the thing that is being plotted.
     1We have two concepts of "aspect ratio" that we'd like to expose to the user.
     4 * Figure aspect ratio -- controls the final image size, including  any text labels, etc.  This will be set using the following options:
     5   * fig_aspect_ratio
     6     * number - make an image with the specified aspect ratio (within  reason) using the figaspect matplotlib function (which tries to be  marginally smart, which actually may be a dumb thing to do...)
     7     * None (default) - use bbox_inches='tight' to create a figure that holds the drawn objects
     8   * figsize
     9     * single number - use this as a base size for fig_aspect_ratio calculations (i.e., bigger numbers = bigger figures)
     10     * two numbers - an actual figure size in inches
     11     * None - use the default size
     12 * Pixel aspect ratio
     13   * aspect_ratio -- the aspect ratio of a pixel in the image (or of a  unit square in data coordinates, for example).  The default here will  change depending on the type of plot
     14     * 'equal' or 1 -- square pixels.  This will be the default for most things
     15     * 'auto' -- plot the given data limits in the given (or computed) figsize, filling the figure
     16     * number -- ratio of width to height (or height to width; I can't  remember).  For plot() and list_plot(), this will default to giving a  golden ratio aspect ratio
     17   * aspect_ratio_adjust -- what should we adjust to  achieve the desired aspect ratio for the items drawn?  Note that by  default, the axes limits are enlarged slightly; to eliminate this, set  axes_pad=0
     18     * 'box' (default) -- the frame axes
     19     * 'datalim' -- the data limits