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    initial v3  
     1Thebe is a Jupyter javascript plugin for static sites that allows for rendering selected divs of the HTML as live cells connected to a Jupyter server:
     5The idea is to use this technology to make
     8- Configure Sphinx to add the Thebe javascript library in the static page
     9- Configure Sphinx to add a small header to our html page with:
     10  - Inclusion of the Thebe javascript
     11  - Thebe configuration: which divs to make live, which server to use
     12  - A button to turn on live cells
     13  - Possibly a menu or other widgets for user customization of the server configuration
     14- Configure the Jupyter notebook in Sage to somehow provide the server configuration to Thebe.
     15- Customize/configure Thebe to support Sage's doctest syntax:
     16  - Stripping out the prompts
     17  - Stripping out the included outputs (bonus: show the included outputs below the cell until the new output is computed)
     18  - Bonus: support doctests with several commands by split into several cells