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08/03/16 02:51:53 (6 years ago)

Note that the patch is preliminary (cf. the commit message / ticket description), but I'm setting it to "needs review" as there's something that can already be tested.

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c0f7846GMP-ECM: #20385: Upgrade package to 7.0.3 (preliminary patch, see below)


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    v5 v9  
    99[], in particular on 32-bit PowerPC and FreeBSD. Is there any such machine on the Sage build farm?
     13Upgrade GMP-ECM to 7.0.3
     15    * I haven't repackaged the upstream tarball (`.tar.gz`) [yet].
     16      Not sure whether we could/should also delete some stuff not
     17      needed for Sage (cf. `SPKG.txt`); at least there's no `spkg-src`
     18      script.
     20    * I haven't touched `spkg-install` yet.  We may address potential
     21      issues with `SAGE_FAT_BINARY` (mentioned both there and in `SPKG.txt`),
     22      as well as known problems with `-march=native -O3` on bdver[1-4]
     23      (AMD FX-???? !Bulldozer/Piledriver, AMD Opteron 6[23]xx, etc.)
     24      where we should add `-mno-xop` because of bugs in (AFAIK) '''every'''
     25      GCC version that supports these processors, silently leading
     26      to broken code ("just" testsuite failures IIRC).
     27      Also, we currently copy Sage's `config.guess` (because it was newer
     28      at some point), which presumably is no longer necessary (but
     29      shouldn't hurt either, provided we keep Sage's up-to-date ''and''
     30      GMP-ECM won't rely on its own).
     32    * The doctests in `sage/libs/libecm.pyx` may need some changes,
     33      especially with respect to `verbose` mode tests.  (But I'll presumably
     34      work on them elsewhere anyway, independently of this upgrade.)